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Solutions for Replacing Armstrong Second Look Tiles

Unfortunately, this product used to be very popular but it was discontinued some years ago and therefore availability is now non existent. The problem with this particular product is that it has a very unique pattern, whereby the tile has elevated squares/planks protruding from the surface of the tile, most tiles will simply have a flush finish.


This therefore leaves us in a difficult situation in terms of matching the item with a suitable option.


Option 1 – Purchase a basic tile to fit the grid, whilst also choosing a tile that will match as close as possible with the pattern within those squares on your existing product. Please note as mentioned above, the new tile will not have the elevated squares, however it may match the actual tile pattern. If your premises has multiple rooms containing the same ceiling tile, you could salvage tiles from the smaller rooms to reuse in the larger areas, whilst re-tiling the smaller rooms in the new product.


Tile: CIS FF 126 S – Armstrong Fine Fissured Square Edge (BP9120M)

Size: 1195 x 595mm Actual (For 1200 x 600mm Grid Ceiling)

Edge: Square Edge (For 24mm Ceiling Grid)

Qty: (10 per box)

*Please note that the above is an example pattern match, Second Look tiles were available in a range of finishes also including Dune, Cirrus and Cortega.


Option 2– Change all tiles within the ceiling. This may work out cheaper than expected and will provide a long term solution, using a tile that will be available for the foreseeable future.


If you currently have Second Look tiles installed and are looking for replacements then please Get in Touch to further discuss these options.