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If you choose to order your office partitioning through us we will provide the following:

  • A partitioning layout plan
  • Installation instructions
  • Elevation profile and images
  • Telephone support throughout the installation

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Office Partitioning

Why use Ceiling Tiles UK for Office Partitioning?

Once you have completed your online partitioning kit quote form, our expert team will take a look. We will quickly provide you with a full partition layout plan, a full list of materials needed with all costs broken down.

We provide complete installation instructions with elevation profile images to make your life easier when it comes to fitting the partition. We will also be available for full telephone support throughout the installation process should you need it.

What type of office partition do I need?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ product for office partitioning and luckily there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to appearance and performance. Within the H50 re-locatable partitioning system you can choose from the following module options, or you can combine some of each section to customise your partition.

  • Solid modules - ideal for creating dividing walls between rooms
  • Door module - create different rooms and offices within your space and choose doors with or without vision panels depending on privacy needed
  • Full height glazed modules - glass is becoming increasingly popular in the office fit-out industry, it gives a sleek and modern look to an office. Installing glazed partitioning also helps maximise natural light levels in the office. There is the option to add blinds to our glazed partitioning.
  • Door height glazed, centre glazed, top glazed, half glazed modules - all of these options have their advantages for example top glazed modules maintain privacy but allow light to flow through offices. Centre and half glazed modules create windows within separate offices.

Do you provide installation or just materials?

Our partitioning kits provide you with everything required to install the partitioning system yourself, however, if you do require help we can also organise this for you.

Do I need permission to install office partitioning?

No, partitions require no planning permission and can be erected and installed in a matter of a few hours, with minimal disruption and fuss to your office.

Why choose office partitioning?

Flexibility - Installing an office partition is a great option for all businesses as it is flexible. If you don’t want to invest in a new office just yet but need to make space for growth you can create anything from a new meeting room to a whole new department.

Privacy - Having a private area for meetings and appraisals is essential to most businesses, with glazed partitions you can create a private space where conversations cannot be heard but still maintain an open plan feel to your workplace.

Cost - Installing partitioning is much more cost-effective than putting up solid walls and is also a long term investment as the partitioning can be moved to new premises.

Aesthetic appeal - Office partitions are becoming increasingly popular as design features within offices. Especially with glass partitions, it is possible to make a bold statement and create a modern and professional look. Creating a partition also gives new space for decoration and branding, why not add your company logo or create a feature wall, make your new partition reflect your brand identity.