Ceiling Tile Manufacturers

Suspended ceiling tiles are manufactured worldwide using different raw materials to suit various performance, aesthetic and budget requirements. The historical nature of a company’s location usually determined the composition of the raw materials used to make the ceilings tiles.

Please note, if you do not know which manufacturer’s product you are after, try our ceiling tile identification guide first.

Ceiling tiles have always been very tricky to identify, even for the experts as they are predominately designed on similar styles to compete directly against each other for specifications. For example, a popular sand texture ceiling tile such as the CIS DUS – Armstrong Dune Supreme is often directly copied by-products such as the CIS SAH – Treetex Sahara Perforated. This can cause quite a bit of confusion in terms of identifying the product exactly.

The Ceiling Tiles UK team have years of experience in identifying ceiling products from one another and have put together the following set of information regarding some unique differences than can separate one manufacturer from the other.

Quite a few manufacturers will now print at least the name of the company on the back of the tile, which is at least a starting point for identification.