Armstrong Dune Ceiling Tiles

The Armstrong Dune range is still the UK’s most popular and bestselling range of ceiling tiles.

The Dune tiles offer a modern, sand textured face, which provides a clean finish to the ceiling whilst still maintaining a good balance between cost and performance.

The Armstrong Dune ceiling range also offers the largest combination of size, edge, colour and performance upgrades of all suspended ceiling products. The pinhole perforations within the surface of the Dune range help with the sound absorption of the product.

As the Dune range of tiles have so many variations based on performance, we have summarise them for you below. Next to each product is a link to the relevant range.

Currently Dune Product Range (in order of popularity)

Tile Name Description
Armstrong Dune Supreme The original Dune product and a worldwide best seller for 30 years. Due to be discontinued in September 2019. This product is now exclusive to Ceiling Tiles UK while stocks last.
Armstrong Dune eVo This product is the new version to replace the Dune Supreme. Essentially the same product, ever so slight differences to face pattern and performance. For further reading on the changes, please have a look of our article.
Armstrong Dune eVo Max Same face pattern as standard Dune eVo but with slightly improved sound absorption and insulation.
Armstrong Dune eVo dB Same face pattern as standard Dune eVo, but with greatly improved sound insulation.
Armstrong Dune Supreme Unperforated Very similar to the original Dune Supreme ceiling tile. Only difference is the omission of tiny micro perforations in the face pattern. Not a very popular tile and due to be discontinued.
Armstrong Dune Planks Specially sized plank tiles designed to span across corridors and create a more seamless look.
Armstrong Dune Plus The range for specialist size and edge profiles, including 500 x 500mm and vector edge.

Discontinued Dune Product Range

Tile Name Description
Armstrong Dune Max Original version, go for Dune eVo Max above now
Armstrong Dune dB Original version, go for Dune eVo dB above now