Armstrong Dune

The Armstrong Dune range is still the UK’s most popular and bestselling range of ceiling tiles.

The Dune tiles offer a modern, sand textured face, which provides a clean finish to the ceiling whilst still maintaining a good balance between cost and performance.

The Armstrong Dune ceiling range also offers the largest combination of size, edge, colour and performance upgrades of all suspended ceiling products. The pinhole perforations within the surface of the Dune range help with the sound absorption of the product. The Dune Supreme sub-range is also made in an unperforated version, which is effectively the same product without the micro pin holes. This ceiling tile isn’t as popular, as the lack of pinholes has a detrimental effect on the acoustic performance.

As well as being available in a wide variety of size and edge combinations, the Armstrong Dune ceiling tile is also available in some of the following more specialist options:

Armstrong Dune dBupgraded sound insulation

Armstrong Dune Maximproved sound absorption and insulation

Armstrong Dune Planksspecially sized plank panels

Armstrong Dune Colourtonerange of finishes for different applications

Not all of these specialist options are available online, therefore please get in touch with the sales office.