Armstrong Dune Ceiling Tiles

The Armstrong Dune range is the most popular and best-selling range of ceiling tiles in the UK. The Armstrong Dune ceiling tile range also offers the largest combination of size, edge, colour and performance upgrades of all suspended ceiling products.

The reason for the popularity of this tile is partly due to the Armstrong brand. As world leaders in the suspended ceiling industry, Armstrong Ceilings are trusted by millions and have a range of products to suit every application.

  • Features of Armstrong Dune Ceiling Tiles
    The Dune tiles offer a modern, sand textured face, which provides a clean finish to the ceiling whilst still maintaining a good balance between cost and performance. The pinhole perforations within the surface of the Dune range help with the sound absorption and sound attenuation performance of the product.As the Dune range of tiles has so many different variations based on performance, we have summarised them for you below. Next to each product is a link to the relevant range.

  • The Armstrong Dune Product Range
    Armstrong Dune Supreme: This is the original Armstrong Dune ceiling tile and has been a worldwide bestseller for 30 years, however, this ceiling tile was discontinued in September 2019 and has been replaced by the Armstrong Dune eVo. The Armstrong Dune Supreme is now exclusive to Ceiling Tiles UK while stocks last. This tile features the very popular, modern sand textured finish with needle perforations to assist with acoustics whilst offering 99% humidity resistance.
    Armstrong Dune eVo: Having replaced the Dune Supreme, the Dune eVo is a hugely popular ceiling tile and is present in every sector from transport to retail, and in every environment from hotels and hospitals to schools and workplaces, the Dune eVo features a Class C sound absorption rating and is 100% recyclable.(For more information on the differences between the Dune Supreme and the Dune eVo please read our article on this topic)

    Armstrong Dune eVo Max: The Dune eVo Max has the same face pattern as the standard Dune eVo but with its microperforated, finely sanded surface, it offers improved levels of sound absorption and sound attenuation. This makes it a great choice for classrooms and other areas requiring Class C sound absorption
    Armstrong Dune eVo dB: The higher attenuation performance of Dune eVo dB offers a perfect solution for improving the privacy between adjacent spaces. Whilst the class-leading whiteness helps to create spaces that are brighter and better, and which offer a greater sense of well-being for your customers.
    Armstrong Dune Supreme Unperforated: This tile has been discontinued and is now exclusive to Ceiling Tiles UK while stocks last. Very similar to the original Dune Supreme ceiling tile but without the micro-perforations in the face pattern.
    Armstrong Dune Plank: Specially sized plank tiles designed to span across corridors and create a more seamless look.
    Armstrong Dune Plus: The range for specialist size and edge profiles, including 500 x 500mm and vector edge.

If you need any further information or if you would like to enquire about a discontinued Armstrong Dune product that you cannot see listed above then please contact us.