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Armstrong Dune Supreme vs Armstrong Dune eVo

You may have heard that Armstrong Worldwide Industries have decided to make a change to their most popular product line, the Armstrong Dune Supreme range.

This range is being replaced by the new Armstrong Dune eVo.

What if I need to match my existing Dune ceiling tiles?

Don’t panic! We are a last remaining stockist of Dune Supreme, therefore if you have purchased Armstrong Dune Supreme tiles pre June 2017, then we highly recommend ordering spares whilst these tiles are still in stock.

To order old Dune Supreme tiles or to order the new Dune eVo equivalent, see our table (below) of old vs new Dune Supreme product codes to find the exact tile you need.

Which Dune Tile should I order for a new ceiling?

If you are looking for a new suspended ceiling system, then we highly recommend ordering the new Armstrong Dune eVo range as these will be in supply & stock for the foreseeable future and continue to grow with the industry as it keeps evolving.

To help find the new equivalent see our table of old vs new product codes below.

Product Codes
Old vs New Armstrong Dune Supreme Tiles

Tile Size & Edge Detail Old Code – Matching New Code – New Ceilings
600 x 600mm Square Edge BP2271M 5460M
600 x 600mm Tegular Edge (24mm grid) BP2273M 5462M
600 x 600mm Microlook Edge (15mm grid) BP2274M 5464M
1200 x 600mm Square Edge BP2272M 5461M

*Can’t see your tile here? Click here to see all Dune ranges including specialised tiles (dB, Max, Colortone, Vector, Planks).

If you are unsure exactly which tile you have, take a look at the back where you should find the Armstrong product code printed on the back of each individual tile:

armstrong bp code

What has actually changed from the Dune Supreme to Dune eVo?

The Dune eVo range is almost an equal equivalent to the old Dune Supreme ceiling tile range but with minor cosmetic changes to meet modern requirements & provide improved performance.

To see the difference between the old Dune Supreme suspended ceiling tile and the new Dune eVo range, view the differences below.

Tile 1 is the old Dune Supreme, Tile 2 is the new Dune eVo equivalent.

We hope this article gives you the correct information to make an informed decision on choosing the right suspended ceiling tile for your job.

To summarise:

If you simply need Dune Supreme replacement ceiling tiles from the old Dune Supreme range, we are one of the last UK suppliers of this exact tile. – You can order directly online or contact us now and we will help you out straight away.

If you are installing a New Suspended Ceiling, we highly recommend purchasing the new Dune eVo ceiling tile range which has replaced the old Dune Supreme range as of June 2017.