Armstrong Ceilings are the worldwide market leader in the suspended ceilings industry. The company has its headquarters in the USA and provide a vast range of products and tools suitable for specifiers, distributors, contractors and end users.

Primarily manufacturers of mineral fibre ceiling tiles, they also produce a wide range of metal ceiling tiles to suit different environments.

The mineral fibre ceiling tiles produced by Armstrong Ceilings generally consist mineral wool, perlite, clay, cellulose and starch.

Steps to identify

Armstrong ceiling tiles are probably the easiest to identify. Armstrong usually use code numbers for their tiles which can pinpoint the exact tile. These code numbers will often be on the reverse of the tile or on the box.

Example of code on the back of a tile

Front and edge of the tile

The codes used usually start with the letters BP, followed by 3 or 4 numbers and the letter ‘M’.

NB: Older Armstrong tiles will have a BP code which is no longer available in the exact form. We have a list of ‘old codes’ so are likely to be able to find the ‘nearest match’ to the one required.

This unique BP code identifies every part of the tile, including; size, edge detail, face pattern and suitable grid width.

If you have found this code on the back of a tile or box, try our product list to find correct item, or get in touch with our sales team.

If there is no code on the back of the tile but the manufacturer has been confirmed as Armstrong, there are a number of other ways of identifying the tile.

Size of the tile:

Edge of the tile:

Suitable Grid:

Next Steps….

  • If you think you have identified the product you need? Try our product list to see if it is available online.
  • Still having trouble identifying the product? You could try our general ceiling tile identification tool, which includes other options such as sending us a photo.
  • Alternatively, get in touch with one of our helpful sales team who will be more than happy to assist further.
Note – Although we have many different product choices online, we also stock plenty of other items at great prices and ready for a quick delivery.