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What Are Suspended Ceiling Tiles Made From?

Ceiling tiles are made from a variety of processed, recycled and natural materials, depending on the particular tile in question. Materials used include recycled news print, clay, perlite, starch and fibre glass, with different quantities of each used, depending on the characteristics and performance of the tile. For example, a ‘soft’ mineral fibre tile will contain more fibre glass or mineral wool, which would allow a higher level of sound absorption but less sound attenuation/insulation than a ‘hard’ mineral fibre tile containing more clay, which would be heavier/denser and provide a better insulation rating (dB).

To create the finished product, the materials above are mixed together in a water based process before being cured and bound together by heat. To complete the process, the boards are cut to size using a laser and finished with a water based paint, before the decorative pattern is added.

*Please note that asbestos is not present in any of the ceiling tiles we sell.

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