Rockfon Ceiling Tiles

Rockfon is a subsidiary of Rockwool International which is the world’s largest producer of stone wool products.

Rockwool International have factories in The Netherlands, France and Poland which produce Rockfon ceiling products which are distributed by various suppliers all over the world.

Rockfon ceilings use a patented technology to create high quality stone wool (resin-bonded mineral wall) ceiling products. Due to this manufacturing process, the products perform extremely well in areas of humidity resistance, fire reaction and sound absorption.

The Rockfon range includes: Rockfon Artic, Rockfon KoralRockfon BlankaRockfon MedicareRockfon Tropic-Alaska and Color-All

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Identify by Backing of the tile

To clarify if your tile is a Rockfon ceiling product check if your tile:

  • Has a green backing. This is unique to Rockfon apart from the odd product. This is a fibreglass type material called Rockwool.
  • Has a flat white, clean look finish.

Identify by Size & Edge

Most Rockfon products are available in the standard sizes (600 x 600mm grid ceiling and 1200 x 600mm grid ceiling), edge and grid combinations. They come in two main sizes, square and rectangle with two different edge details, Square and Tegular. Once you have identified the look of your tile, use the filters below to narrow down your results.

Use the filters below to narrow down the ceiling tile you need.

Need some help? Click here to upload a photo of your tile and we’ll identify it for you.