Rockfon is a subsidiary of Rockwool International which is the world’s largest producer of stone wool products.

Rockwool International have factories in The Netherlands, France and Poland which produce Rockfon ceiling products which are distributed by various suppliers all over the world.

Rockfon ceilings use a patented technology to create high quality stone wool (resin-bonded mineral wall) ceiling products. Due to this manufacturing process, the products perform extremely well in areas of humidity resistance, fire reaction and sound absorption.

Steps to identify

Part 1 – Clarify it is definitely a Rockfon ceiling product – Check:

  • Green backing (this is unique to Rockfon) apart from the odd product. This is a fibreglass type material (Rockwool).
  • They primarily have a flat white, clean look finish. (Detail below on subtle differences)

Part 2 – Which Rockfon product is it?

Rockfon products are very difficult to separate apart (even for the experts). The finish to the face pattern of the tile are all very similar, which effectively makes it a process of elimination. Try these following steps:

  • Thickness/depth is a possible starting point to identification. The more entry level products are usually slightly thinner 12-15mm with the more premium tiles 15-20mm plus.
  • Finish to face of the tile. All are very similar and difficult to differentiate between tiles (especially to the layman). There are two main finishes:

You’ll see from the images above displaying two different products, that although described as different in the literature, in reality, they are very similar looking products.

As most Rockfon products are available in the standard size, edge and grid combinations, it would certainly be worth going through these steps also to help narrow down the options:

Size of the tile:

Edge of the tile:

Suitable Grid:

Finally, as many Rockfon tiles are quite high spec and used in high end premises, please check if there is an O&M manual available for product information.

Popular Rockfon Ceiling Tiles Next Steps….
  • If you think you have identified the product you need? Try our product list to see if it is available online.
  • Still having trouble identifying the product? You could try our general ceiling tile identification tool, which includes other options such as sending us a photo.
  • Alternatively, get in touch with one of our helpful sales team who will be more than happy to assist further.
Note – Although we have many different product choices online, we also stock plenty of other items at great prices and ready for a quick delivery.