Ecophon Ceiling Tiles

Ecophon is a leading, global supplier of both sound absorbing ceilings and wall absorber systems.

Ecophon is part of the Saint-Gobain Group and a favourite of many Architects, Specifiers and Designers who are on the look out for cutting-edge products coupled with the high performance criteria offered.

Ecophon’s head office is based in Sweden, along with their main production unit. They have another manufacturing plant in Denmark. The main focus of the company is on acoustic performance which relates to their range of products of both ceiling tiles and wall absorbing systems.

Ecophon products are primarily manufactured from glass wool and have outstanding performance in humidity resistant areas.

The Ecophon Range includes: Ecophon Focus, Advantage, Gedina, Ecophon Master, and Ecophon Sombra.

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Identify by Yellow Backing

Ecophon tiles have a yellow backing apart from the odd product. More or less all tiles are made from a ‘spongey’ insulation-type backing called Glasswool.

As Ecophon tiles are of a very high specification, and are often used in high-end premises, it might be worth checking if there is an O&M Manual for product information. This could potentially detail all the product information required to help identify the tile.

Identify by Size & Edge

Ecophon tiles come in two main sizes 600 x 600mm grid ceiling and 1200 x 600mm grid ceiling , square and rectangle with two different edge details, Square and Tegular. Once you have identified the look of your tile, use the filters below to narrow down your results.

Use the filters below to narrow down the ceiling tile you need.

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