Basic Fissured Ceiling Tiles

Fissured suspended ceiling tiles are still the most mass-produced type of tile in the UK. Generally speaking, fissured tiles are the entry-level product in terms of price and performance. However, they are still perfectly suitable for many environments, including offices and retail environments.

The large ‘fissures’ help with the acoustics of the tile as the larger surface area creates a better sound absorbing base for the tile, at a relatively minimal cost.

All the leading manufacturers produce a fissured type ceiling tile. This allows them to cater for the mass market as well as specialising on their own particular fields. The market-leader is still the Tatra by Armstrong. Two types of fissured tile are produced – ‘directional fissured’ and ‘non-directional fissured’, simply referring to whether the fissures (or grooves) run in a direction down the tile or not.

Please note that there is also a fine fissured type of tile.