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Treetex Spintone 180 New Design

The ever popular budget fissured ceiling tile, Treetex Spintone 180 has now been re-branded to Sektor Spintone 180.  The performance and price point of this product has remained very similar, however the actual appearance has changed quite a bit.  The ceiling tile has actually developed a more modern, clean look which we feel will be a big winner with many customers.
One issue however will be with customers who have the older style (Treetex) and simply need a few spares to match up (i.e. water damage).  The new styles are significantly different, therefore in this example the best bet would be to go for a different productbased on a similar design, the Armstrong Tatra.
The issue is exaggerated further on the 1200×600 product. Unfortunately, the Spintone product was quite unique in that the ‘Fissures’ on the face of the tile ran down the length of the tile as opposed to the width, like on the very popular Armstrong Tatra.
Again, this is still the best readily available option which is cost effective. We can however source other products directly from OWA (German Manufacturer who make the Treetex & Sektor products) to achieve a much closer match (i.e. OWA Harmony/Taurus), however they tend to have large carriage charges (£95 approx), therefore possibly not worth it on a small repair job.Get in touch for help from our team.

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