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Solutions for Replacing 300 x 300mm Ceiling Tiles

300 x 300mm tongue and groove type tiles used to very popular but were unfortunately discontinued some time ago. The problem with matching this particular item is neither the size, or the tongue and groove edge detail is commonly used any more.

Generally speaking there are now two main sizes of ceiling tile produced on a very large scale; these are 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 600mm. For further information see our article on Sizes of Ceiling Tiles

If you have 300 x 300mm tiles in situ then there are two possible solutions:

Option 1 – Go for a new lay in ceiling

The only feasible option that will provide a decent finish would be to go for a new lay in type suspended ceiling. Both the tiles and the grid components will be around for years to come so you’ll not have the problem of sourcing replacements etc. If your premises has multiple rooms containing the 300 x 300mm tiles, you could salvage tiles from the smaller rooms to reuse in the larger areas, whilst installing a new ceiling in the smaller room.

These DIY systems may work out cheaper than you think, all we need to know to give you a quick price is the length and width of the room/s. Details can be found here…


Option 2 – Try and patch up as best as possible

Although this may be a fiddly and time consuming job, it may be possible to purchase a few 600 x 600mm tiles and try and make them fit through a combination of cutting them down and forming your own rebate to the edge of the tile. As mentioned, this will by no means look perfect and could be time consuming but it has been done previously on smaller quantities.

If either of these options would be a consideration please Get in Touch.