Fire Rating Advice

Fire Rated Ceilings & Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles UK has always, and will continue, to take the matter of fire safety very importantly.

As a supplier to 1,000s of customers nationwide, it is critical we stay on top of fire legislation for the safety and peace of mind of our customers.

First and foremost, Ceiling Tiles UK have previously and will only ever source products from the most reputable worldwide manufacturers.

These include; Armstrong World Industries, British Gypsum, Ecophon and Rockfon to name a few. Order directly online now or read our Blog article about Fire Ratings here.

All products undertake rigorous testing to ensure they are compliant with current building regulations.

The interiors industry has seen an influx of cheaper import products arriving onto the market. These are often untested for fire safety, but worse still are actually printed with the certification which has not been achieved.

Our advice when purchasing any product is to ensure the product has actually been manufactured by a company that have procedures in place to meet the current fire criteria for the UK. All products we offer have been through this process.

As with most building materials, ceiling tiles and associated components have very complex rules in relation to their fire performance.

It is not simply a case of “yes or no” as to whether a product is fire rated. Many factors need to be considered to ensure the ceiling works with overall build.

For further information relating to ceiling tile fire ratings have a look at our detailed article.