Conservatory Ceilings

Blinds vs Suspended Ceiling

Conservatories are fantastic as an extra room – but can be too hot during the summer (when we get one!) and too cold during the winter.

One way of resolving this issue is by adding something to the roof/ceiling of the conservatory.

Conservatory roof blinds are extremely expensive. In comparison, a suspended ceiling system has many of the same properties – at a fraction of the price.

A typical costing for the supply only of roof blinds for a typical 3m x 3m square conservatory is in the region of £1,200 + VAT.

A suspended ceiling kit using our CIS ROCX (which is a light weight rockwool insulation based tile) or our CIS SS (which is a wipeable tile) would typically cost in the region of £350 plus VAT.

If more light was required through the roof – tiles could be replaced with the CIS PRIS which is a clear prismatic diffuser which allows natural light through.

The beauty of a suspended ceiling in this scenario is the diversity of using the prismatics and tiles together – you could use them alternately to give a different look to the ceiling, or just have a couple giving both the benefits of insulation and natural light.

Possible Ceiling Layouts

Possible Ceiling Layouts