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Ceiling tiles can actually save you money

Alongside the government’s aim of significantly reducing our carbon footprint over the next decade, many of the ceiling industries manufacturers are launching programmes to make it as easy as possible for the supply chain to get involved.

Armstrong Ceilings for example, offer a recycling service of any ceiling tile from any manufacturer, provided you are purchasing there products for the new fit-out.

On medium to large jobs, this could have a huge benefit in terms of the saving by not requiring skips.  As a basic calculation, a typical skip costs in the region of £200 and can hold approximately 150 -200m2 of ceiling tiles(packed well; which doesn’t always happen).  Therefore on a job in the region of 1,000m2 we could be talking about a saving of £1,000, not to mention the benefit environmentally.

For further information, please feel free to visit the Armstrong website and view their Environment Recycling Programme video to understand more about the scheme. Watch the video here.

Previous schemes have been launched by manufacturers, however unless a financial benefit is included for contractors, they have been slow to take off.We believe this type of scheme is the future + ‘win/win’ for contractors looking to boost their green credentials as well as make savings.

To benefit from this scheme, choose your Armstrong product and contact our sales team know some details about your project!