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Can you buy coloured suspended ceiling tiles?

In short the answer is yes! There are a range of coloured ceiling tiles available from several of the main manufacturers, notably ArmstrongRockfon and Ecophon.


Armstrong Colortone Dune:                       Armstrong Colortone Dune:

(Platinum)                                                (Carrara)


Armstrong Colortone Dune:                          Rockfon Color-all:

(Blue Mountain)                                              (Twilight)

The longer answer is: Like white ceiling tiles, coloured panels are available in various sizes, the most common and readily available being 600x600mm and 1200x600mm. Availability varies but all would be special order items direct from the manufacturers. Delivery could range from a week or two if in stock in the UK, to several weeks if made to order or shipped from mainland Europe (please note that made to order items are usually subject to large minimum order quantities). Prices can vary hugely but all coloured tiles will likely cost significantly more than the standard white tiles available ‘off the shelf’. The most affordable and easy to source coloured ceiling panels tend to be the Armstrong Colortone Dune range. The three items above are now available to order via the website – these are generally all stocked in the UK and don’t require minimum order quantities. Read our blog article for more information on black ceiling tiles.

(Image courtesy of Rockfon)

Due to coloured tiles being relatively expensive, we are often asked if the white tiles can be painted. We don’t recommend this and the manufacturers don’t recommend this. Not only does it ruin the aesthetic of the tile, it also affects acousticshumidity resistance and fire ratings.

While Ecophon grid is available in a range of white, grey and black shades, Rockfon offer coloured grid in all 34 standard colours of the Color-all tile range. Follow this Link for more information on suspended ceiling grid systems and construction.

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