1200 x 600mm Ceiling Tiles

1200x600mm ceiling tiles are a standard size readily available in the square edge version. The 1200x600mm size is almost as popular as 600x600mm and these are the two sizes that are most commonly ordered. We also offer a range of specialist tiles in this size with rebated tegular (for 24mm grid) or microlook (for 15mm grid) edges.

The sizing of ceiling tiles can cause some confusion when measuring existing tiles. This is because the actual tile size from edge to edge is very slightly smaller at 1195 x 595mm. The larger size refers to the nominal ‘centre to centre’ sizes of the grid for setting out.

This 5mm difference allows for a bit of tolerance in order to position the tile in the grid whilst fitting. To explain some of these terms in more detail, the grid refers to the metal framework that makes up the skeleton of the suspended ceiling, the ceiling tiles are usually made from mineral fibre or metal and these slot into the gridwork to give the finished suspended ceiling look.

  • Different sizes of Ceiling Tile
    Although 1200x600mm and 600x600mm are the most popular sizes of ceiling tile that we stock in large quantities, other sizes that are available from certain manufacturers include:• 500x500mm
    • 1200x300mm
    • 1220x610mm
    • 1500x300mm
    • 1800x300mm
    • 2500x300mmOur friendly team at Ceiling Tiles UK can always help you find a suitable ceiling tile in your size.

  • Imperial vs Metric Ceiling Tile Sizes

    There may be some incidences where ceiling tiles are required in imperial sizes, this is fairly rare as by the middle of the 1970s, the suspended ceiling industry had converted from imperial size ceilings over to metric. By the early 80’s very few ceiling fitters were installing imperial size ceilings.

    This has however naturally created a problem ever since for those wanting to source replacement ceiling tiles to fill imperial size voids, rather than changing entire suspended ceiling systems.

    The manufacturers reduced production and gradually stocks have diminished with the suppliers and distributors. One or two manufacturers still produce imperial size tiles, so if you do need ceiling tiles in imperial sizes then please do get in touch as we can help. An example of the imperial vs metric ceiling tile problem would be the 1200 x 600mm ceiling, the imperial size was 1210 x 605mm whereas the metric size is now 1195 x 595mm.

  • Why Choose 1200×600 Ceiling tiles?

    1200×600 is one of our most popular sizes so we ensure we hold plenty of stock accross different manufacturers and brands, all in this size. This means it is quick and easy for us to despatch 1200×600 tiles in large quantities. We are also able to source tiles in any of the sizes mentioned above and for the less popular sizes, we can order direct from the manufacturer on your behalf to save you the hassle and ensure you get exactly what you need as soon as possible.Remember if you do currently have a ceiling grid that is one of the less generic sizes and you are struggling to find the tiles you need for the best performance, then we do offer full ceiling kit packages. Our ceiling kits are easy to fit and a new grid plus tiles mean you can choose the size you want, we would always suggest 600x600mm or 1200x600mm so that you can take advantage of a wide range of tile options.