Light Reflecting Ceiling Tiles

Lighting is an important factor in any area, greatly contributing to the look and feel of the room. Poor lighting can result in eye strain and fatigue, lessening productivity and comfort.

Each ceiling tile has a light reflectance published by the manufacturer as a percentage, this is the amount of light, both natural and electronic, reflected back by a ceiling. Ceilings with a high light reflectance can return up to 90% of the light back into the space, compared to around 75% for standard ceilings.

A ceiling with a high light reflectance requires less installed lighting and by extension also provides energy savings. The risk of glare from light fittings is reduced in areas below ceilings with high light reflectance.

Each tile in our range has a published light reflectance rating as a percentage. Below are some examples of affordable tiles with good light reflectance properties: