Sektor/Treetex products themselves are manufactured by other companies. For example, the ceiling tiles and gridwork which carry the Sektor/Treetex name are manufactured by OWA Ceilings, rebranded as Sektor/Treetex and distributed solely for the UK market.

Sektor/Treetex ceilings offer a range of products ideally suited for the UK market to suit various performance and budget requirements. The range of products also includes modular lights, as well as specialist ceiling fixings.

Sektor/Treetex ceiling tiles are made from a mineral fibre and have good overall properties at a cost that is within most budgets and is suitable for many environments.

The Sektor/Treetex range includes: Sektor Sahara Perforated, and Sektor Sahara Plain.

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Identify by Face Pattern

There are few attributes of the face pattern which can distinguish Sektor tiles. For example, the Sektor/Treetex Spintone 180 has a directional fissured pattern, whereas the Sektor/Treetex Sahara ceiling tile has a bright white, roughly sand-textured face, which is commonly used in offices.

Identify by Size & Edge

Sektor tiles come in two main sizes 600 x 600mm grid ceiling and 1200 x 600mm grid ceiling , square and rectangle with two different edge details, Square and Tegular. Once you have identified the look of your tile, use the filters below to narrow down your results.

Use the filters below to narrow down the ceiling tile you need.

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