SAS Metal Ceiling Tiles

SAS International are one of the leading manufacturers of metal ceiling tiles and associated grid systems worldwide. Manufactured in the UK, SAS operate from state of the art facilities, which in turn is reflected in the finished product.

As with Burgess and Armstrong, SAS International produce a range of metal systems to suit different budgets and applications. Here is a summary of the key systems:




SAS System 120 – Clip in Metal Ceilings

One of the most popular systems, the system 120 is a standard clip in ceiling, typically called a spring tee ceiling. The tiles are pushed up from the underside and clipped into a “spring tee” section of grid.






SAS System 130 – Lay in Metal Ceilings

The system 130 is very similar in construction to a typical mineral fibre ceiling. The framework is made up of main runners and cross tees, forming the openings in which to position the tiles. The framework for metal ceilings is usually a brighter white (RAL9010) to match the metal tiles.





SAS System 150 – Hinge Down Metal Ceilings

This system is similar to the system 120, clip in ceiling, however has the added benefit of a hinge down feature. Access can be gained to the void, but without the need for taking a full tile out, reducing the risk of damage.





SAS System 330 – Plank Metal Ceilings

The system 330 is a very versatile metal ceiling for premium applications. System 330 is very popular on high end specifications and has been used successfully on many projects worldwide.





SAS System 800 – Trucell Open Cell Metal Ceilings

The Trucell is a very popular open cell ceiling tile made by SAS. It comes in white and black as standard and is ideal in applications that require extra ventilation or considerations towards sprinkler systems.

SAS also offer many other systems, all with various size, colour and perforation variables.

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