Armstrong Newtone

The Armstrong Newtone (previously Newtone Residence) was one of the most unique ceiling tiles available from Armstrong. The tile was made from hydrated calcium silicate which meant that it was suitable for aggressive environments such as swimming pools or waterparks.

The Armstrong Newtone Board is now discontinued, however, if you are looking at buying tiles for a new area, we would suggest looking at either the Armstrong Hydroboard or the Rockfon Koral as alternative solutions. Although these are not similar in appearance, they achieve similar performance properties to the Newtone.

The Armstrong Hydroboard is ideal for high humidity areas such as showers, toilets and changing rooms with up to 100% humidity resistance. This tile is best installed in Non-Corrosive grid and is a Class A sound absorber.

The Rockfon Koral is also ideal for high humidity areas such as swimming pools and boasts Class A1 fire reaction and Class A sound absorption. This is an excellent product with a wipeable surface suitable for a wide variety of applications.