Ceiling Tiles for Retail

Selecting the correct type of suspended ceiling for a retail environment can play a large role in the overall customer experience. Too often, poorly selected ceiling tiles are used which can have an impact on how long the customer is likely to stay in the shop, and ultimately make a purchase. This issue is no more apparent that in the area of acoustics. The acoustics, and particularly sound absorption are vital to control the reverberation time of sound within an open area.

A very poor sound-absorbing ceiling tile is likely to create a very noisy, possibly ‘echoey’ type environment. Consider this with the possibility of music being present, and it can create an uncomfortable environment for some customers. On the flip-side, an environment with many soft fabric surfaces such as carpets, curtains etc. (very high sound absorbing materials) may actively look for a less high sound absorbing product to keep a bit of atmosphere within the room. A restaurant or coffee shop could be an example of this.

The aesthetics and look of the product is usually an important factor and should ideally be considered in the same bracket as the wall and floors in terms of design. Clean, white finish tiles are often desirable.

The ability of the ceiling tile to reflect light back into the room is also a worthy consideration. A ceiling tile with a high light reflectance rating (85%+) can help focus the spread of light back onto the shop floor.

Budget is ultimately a key factor for many business owners. Ceiling Tiles UK offer a range of products to suit all budget types, whilst also ensuring some of the key performance levels mentioned above are reached.