Ceiling Tiles for Offices

Choosing the correct ceiling product for an office environment is essential for productivity and creativity within the workspace. Many buildings throughout the UK have ceilings installed with sub-standard or incorrect products used, partly through incorrect specifications but also through lack of product knowledge and understanding of the various performance attributes of a ceiling tile.

The level of budget and type of office will determine which of the following performance qualities should be considered. The two key areas for consideration will be the acoustics (incorporating sound absorption and sound insulation) as well as light reflectance.

The acoustics of the office space is arguably the largest contributor towards the productivity of the workforce. Too much sound reverberating around the room can significantly hinder concentration levels.  Naturally, the larger the open area, the more this should be a consideration. Large open areas such as call centres and customer service departments should have very high sound absorbing tiles (Class A), whereas more basic offices would be fine with a more basic product (Class C).

As part of the required acoustics, consideration should also be made to the sound insulation factor. This is an essential consideration when you have two offices side by side with a partition wall installed up to the height of the suspended ceiling, and not through the ceiling slab above, as this essentially leaves a gap in the ceiling void for sound to pass through.