Ceiling Tiles for Offices

  • How To Choose the Righte Office Tile
    Choosing the correct ceiling product for an office environment is essential for productivity and creativity within the workspace. Many buildings throughout the UK have ceilings installed with sub-standard or incorrect products used, partly through incorrect specifications but also through lack of product knowledge and understanding of the various performance attributes of a ceiling tile.

    Ceiling tiles can enhance the working environment in your office with better sound proofing, insulation and fire safety; whilst also improving the aesthetic appeal of the space. Acoustics (incorporating sound absorption and sound insulation) and light reflectance are the most important factors to consider when ordering ceiling tiles for the workplace. Performance and productivity will suffer if the environment is too noisy and harsh lighting can contribute to headaches and migraines so should be avoided where possible.

    The acoustics of the office space is arguably the most important factor contributing to the productivity of the workforce. Too much sound reverberating around the room can significantly hinder concentration levels. Naturally, the larger the open area, the more this should be a consideration. Large open areas such as call centres and customer service departments should have very high sound-absorbing tiles (Class A), whereas more basic offices would be fine with a more basic product (Class C).As part of the required acoustics, consideration should also be made to the sound insulation factor. This is an essential consideration when you have two offices side by side with a partition wall installed up to the height of the suspended ceiling, and not through the ceiling slab above, as this essentially leaves a gap in the ceiling void for sound to pass through.

    Choosing a ceiling tile with good light reflectance properties for your office is a sound investment as it could save you money on energy bills, as could incorporating insulation into your ceiling system. Considering the ease of integration with different lighting systems is also important when selecting ceiling tiles for your workplace. LED lights are the most popular option for offices as they save energy, last longer than other alternatives and create a more natural light that is not harsh. We can even provide LED sky panels that can be fitted within your workplace ceiling to help staff feel connected with nature and the outside world.

At Ceiling Tiles UK we can help you choose a ceiling that will absorb enough sound to keep your staff focussed. We can also help with advice on lighting and light reflectance. Changing your ceiling may seem like a mundane task but with the correct advice you could significantly improve the working environment and in turn, increase productivity within your business.