Ceiling Tiles For Under Mezzanine Floors

When installing a suspended ceiling under a mezzanine floor, a vast range of ceiling tile finishes and performances can be utilised, depending on the application of the area below. The only point of particular consideration is if the ceiling needs to offer a structural fire-rating and if so, only particular tile and grid combinations can achieve these. Check with building control, but often suspended ceilings under a mezzanine floor can require 60 minutes structural protection.

As a rough guide, if a mezzanine floor is a single tier and is used for storage and therefore the number of people on the floor is likely to be low, then an unprotected mezzanine may be permitted, although it can also depend on the overall size of the mezzanine and the percentage of the total floor space area that the mezzanine is situated in.

Do also note that the build criteria can also vary slightly from standard in order to achieve fire-ratings. Often the ceiling drop is fixed, or the ceiling must be installed with a minimum ceiling drop.

Fire officers/building control will need to sign off any proposed works. Ceiling Tiles UK have plenty of experience designing and specifying ceilings suitable for mezzanine floors. Certain suitable products are listed below, or please get in touch with our sales team for further advise/costs.