Ceiling Tiles for Education

Suspended ceilings are widely utilised within the education sector as they can provide a good balance between accessibility, performance and cost.   

Choosing the correct type of ceiling product is essential for productivity and creativity within the workspace, this is no more essential than a learning environment. The UK government has recognised this within the education sector and now provides certain performance criteria across the board for new builds and refurbishment works.

The main area of performance criteria concerns the acoustic performance of a room and in particular for this article, the ceiling tiles. The suspended ceiling in most instances is the largest surface area of unbroken material in which to help absorb sound. Although many factors contribute towards the acoustic performance of a room, it is generally considered by most manufacturer’s including Armstrong, that a tile of Class C (0.60 Alpha W) sound absorption or higher is sufficient for most classroom type environments.

Each of our ceiling tiles available online will have a sound absorption rating displayed in alpha waves (Ranging from 1.0 = Best, 0 = Worst). These are then categorised for ease of use into a rating scale (A = Best, E = Worst). For more information on how the acoustics can impact the learning environment, have a look at our online article.

Budget is clearly another key consideration for any organisation including Schools, Universities and Colleges. Our team at Ceiling Tiles UK have many years of experience helping source the most suitable products at the best possible value, helping you stretch your budgets as far as possible.

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