Call Centres

Ideal environment for a phone operator: A comfortable level of ambient noise that will mask and muffle conversations from other callers and facilitate privacy for the caller.

The acoustics of the office space is arguably the largest contributor towards the productivity of the workforce. Too much sound reverberating around the room can significantly hinder concentration levels. Naturally, the larger the open area, the more this should be a consideration. Large open areas such as call centres and customer service departments should have very high sound absorbing tiles (Class A), whereas more basic offices would be fine with a more basic product (Class C).

The light reflectance of a ceiling tile is also an important factor to consider. With more and more developments (and cost) going into ceiling lighting, particularly LED lights, maintaining the spread of light throughout the room is partly down to the right choice of ceiling tile. Natural daylight is a very important factor for workers. The use of a continuous plane of a suspended ceiling with high light reflectance will enable natural light to reach far into the building.