Smooth (Wipeable) Ceiling Tiles


Vinyl faced plasterboard ceiling tiles, often referred to as ‘wipeable’ or ‘plastic/pvc faced’ are designed for areas that require a certain level of hygiene to be maintained. These can often be commercial kitchens, clean rooms, shower and changing rooms.

This type of product is usually based on a 6-9mm section of Gypsum plaster board with a vinyl face applied to one side. The gypsum plasterboard provides a robust panel, ideal for removal and access, with the smooth vinyl face providing a perfect surface for cleaning. The largest manufacturers are British Gypsum and Lafarge, who are the leading Gypsum plasterboard manufacturers.

**Please be wary of cheap imitation products available. These products have been imported from the Far East and have not been tested with UK Fire Regulations. These cheaper products also offer no humidity resistance, which is also fairly critical in a kitchen/shower type environment.

Popular Vinyl Faced Ceiling Tiles

Due to the type of vinyl face, these tiles all look very similar, so it is often worth getting in touch if you need to match as we can help.

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