Armstrong Metal Ceiling Tiles

Armstrong ceilings are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of metal ceiling tiles and metal suspension systems.

Although the mineral fibre side of the business is far more popular, Armstrong also have a large market share of the metal ceiling tile market.

The range of metal tiles offered by Armstrong is more comprehensive than any other manufacturer.

Note: The term “Orcal” has simply been replaced by Armstrong for the word “Metal”. Previously all metal tiles carried the Orcal term within the product title, i.e “Armstrong Orcal Axal Vector”.

Key Product ranges from Armstrong include:

Armstrong Metal Lay in Ceiling System

The lay in system offers a construction identical to the standard mineral fibre systems. A lay in grid including main runners and cross tees create the openings for the metal lay in tiles. The main difference with the grid system is that it is typically finished in a brighter white than mineral ceilings (typically RAL 9010). This white matches the ceiling tiles. The range includes:

  • Lay-in Board System
  • Lay-in Tegular System
  • Lay-in Microlook System
  • Lay-in Axal Vector System

To view in detail, try this datasheet: …

Armstrong Lay-in Metal Ceiling Tiles

Armstrong Metal Clip in Ceiling System

The Armstrong clip in tiles are just like a typical metal spring tee construction. The tiles are pushed up from the underside and clip into a spring tee grid. The various different systems below are slight variants to this construction. The options include:

  • T Clip F System
  • S Clip F System
  • R Clip System
  • Q Clip System

To view in detail, try this datasheet: …

Armstrong Clip in Metal Ceiling Tiles

Armstrong Cellio Open Cell Metal Ceiling Systems

The Cellio range from Armstrong are a popular open cell ceiling tile. The cells are available in different opening sizes and allow for ventilation and sprinkler systems, as well as helping mask the services above.

Armstrong Celio Open Cell Metal Ceiling Tiles

As with all metal ceiling tiles, Armstrong’s tiles are available in a wide variety of size, performance and perforation patterns.

Armstrong also manufacturer special finishes to the tiles for different applications. For example, a metal Bioguard ceiling tile is manufactured for the healthcare sector as the paint is able to combat bacteria.

The metal ceilings range extends further with Armstrong to Baffles, Canopies and Mesh Tiles.

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