Armstrong Dune Premier Ceiling Tiles – are they still available?

Armstrong Ceilings rebranded the Dune Premier ceiling tile a number of years ago, into what is now the Dune Supreme product.

The Dune Supreme ceiling tile still retains the lightly sandpapered texture, with or without the micro perforations, as on the original Dune Premier panel. There is essentially very little difference in the manufacturing process between the two products, however like any new ceiling tile, the new panel is likely to be slightly brighter simply due to it being newer.

The Armstrong Dune Supreme ceiling tile has taken over from the Dune Premier panel as the UK’s most popular suspended ceiling tile.

In terms of choosing the correct Dune tile, each Armstrong ceiling tile has a unique code printed on the reverse, usually starting with ‘BP….’ followed by 3 or 4 numbers then the letter ‘M’.

If you believe you have the former Dune Premier tile and are looking for the equivalent Dune Supreme panel, here is a helpful list with relevant links:

600 x 600mm Square/Board Edge

Armstrong Dune Premier Board – BP9919M is now Armstrong Dune Supreme Board – BP2271M

600 x 600mm Tegular/Reveal Edge (24mm Grid)

Armstrong Dune Premier Tegular – BP9921M is now Armstrong Dune Supreme Tegular – BP2273M

600 x 600mm Microlook/Reveal Edge (15mm Grid)

Armstrong Dune Premier Microlook – BP9922M is now Armstrong Dune Supreme Microlook – BP2274M

1200 x 600mm Square/Board Edge

Armstrong Dune Premier Board – BP9920M is now Armstrong Dune Supreme Board – BP2272M

The full range of Dune Supreme ceiling tiles are kept in stock for rapid delivery. If you’d like anything further advice, samples or information on other Armstrong products, please get in touch.