Ceiling Tiles by Application

  • Ceiling Tiles by Application

    Suspended ceiling products are manufactured and designed to suit many different applications from offices to schools to specialised areas such as clean rooms.

    Choosing the right product is essential in order to provide a productive and safe environment for users. The reason that there are so many ceiling tile options is that each environment has different demands.

    For offices, call centres and board rooms a high performing acoustic tile is essential. You may also look for a ceiling tile that has a high light reflectance to save on energy bills from lighting. Changing the ceiling in your office may seem like a mundane task but you could see increased output and productivity if acoustics and lighting are improved.

    If you are selecting ceiling tiles for a swimming pool, gym or changing room environment then they need to be tough and resistant to the high humidity levels and cleaning chemicals used in this harsh environment.

    Ceiling tiles for the healthcare environment must also perform well acoustically to help staff concentrate and ensure patients feel as calm as possible. Of course in hospitals hygiene is a top priority and most major ceiling tile manufacturers have a range specifically for hospitals that feature a protective paint/coating to help prevent the build-up of bacteria whilst making sure the tiles can be easily wiped clean. These tiles with protective coatings are also useful for environments such as kitchens, factories, and food preparation areas because they can be easily washed and disinfected without damage.

    When selecting ceiling tiles for retail environments or supermarkets it is important to consider safety and smoke extraction as well as acoustics, lighting integration and design. Another environment where acoustic ceiling tiles are needed is in coffee shops and small restaurants, when busy they can become noisy which may be overwhelming for staff and customers. The correct ceiling tile can absorb some of this sound and make the room into a more cosy and relaxed space.

    The choice of ceiling tile for an education environment is very important, schools are complex and dynamic environments that are full of acoustic challenges. If the room is performing poorly acoustically then this can put a strain on the teacher’s voice and the student’s ability to learn. Choosing the correct tile to balance the sound absorption and reflection within the classroom is essential. All of our ceiling tiles online are marked with clear sound absorption ratings to help you find the correct product for your needs.

    We have created this selection tool to help point you in the right direction, whether you are simply trying to match a ceiling tile and get a few replacements, or are looking to ‘freshen up’ and change all the tiles. Most products are in stock at Ceiling Tiles UK for fast delivery.

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