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Metal Suspened Ceilings offer a functional and stylish finish to a premises. The Metal Ceiling Tiles in conjunction with the steel ceiling grid are a credible and high-end alternative to traditional mineral fiber ceilings

Types of Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal Ceiling Tiles are typically produced in two different style panels to suit different framework systems. These are 'Clip in' and 'Lay in':

The `Clip In` System

The `Clip In- type` system allows the tiles to be fitted from the underside of the ceiling, creating a very fine (often bevelled) joint

This is still the most popular type of Metal Ceiling as it provides a near flush finish whilst also limiting acess to the void which is essential in certain environments.

The Metal Pan Ceiling Tiles clip into a Spring Tee Grid System using a 'pip and stop' feature and require a pair of demounting tools to remove a tile

Many of the leading manufacturer's aslo produce a 'swing down' version of the same tile for added security/access.

The 'Lay In' System

The 'Lay In' type System is very similar to mineral fibre tiles, where the tile is lifted through the ceiling first and then lowered into place.

This will often fit either a 15 or 24mm wide ceiling grid. The 'lay in' Metal Ceiling Tiles are typically available in the widest range of options, from perforation pattern, drop on the tegular edge, border size , acoustic fleece or pad as well as the more standard variables such as the size

Manufacturers of Metal Ceiling Systems

The leading manufacturers of Metal Ceiling Tiles and associated grid system are Burgess Celings, SAS International and Armstrong Ceilings.

Identifying Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal Ceiling Tiles can be very tricky to identify as they are produced with a long list of varaiables, quite a few more than standard mineral fiber tiles. To help make the process as easy as possible, please get in touch.


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