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595 x 595 (600 x 600 grid ceiling)   Square board   24mm grid width
1195 x 595 (1200 x 600 grid ceiling)   Reveal (Tegular)   15mm grid width
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This refers to the length and width of the ceiling tiles, either 600 x 600mm (595 x 595mm actual) or 1200 x 600mm (1195 x 595mm actual).

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This refers to the edge detail of the ceiling tile. Please complete the grid width choice first as this can help with the filtering process.

The edge of the tile will either have a 90 degree/ square edge (most common) or a reveal/tegular edge.

The reveal/tegular edge allow the tiles to sit just below the level of the grid as a design feature. N.B 15mm grid ceiling tiles with a reveal/tegular edge are often referred to as microlook.

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This refers to the width/diameter of the interlocking ceiling grid system the tiles are positioned within.

To measure, locate the edge of the grid that will be visible whilst the ceiling is fully constructed, if the grid system is still in place, this will be the only visible part and is usually white.

The most common grid width is 24mm and suits square and tegular edge tiles. The narrow 15mm grid is usually only associated with microlook ceiling tiles.