ArmstrongArmstrong Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings (Armstrong World Industries) are the worldwide market leader in the suspended ceilings industry.

The company, which has its headquarters in the USA, provide a huge range of products and tools suitable for specifiers, distributors, contractors and end users.

Armstrong Ceilings are primarily associated with mineral fibre ceiling tiles, however they also produce a wide range of metal ceiling tiles to suit different environments.

Mineral fibre ceiling tiles generally consist of a varying mixture of the following components: mineral wool, perlite, clay, cellulose and starch.

If you are trying to identify a particular Armstrong ceiling tile, why not try this dedicated guide.

Ceiling Tiles UK stock a large variety of different Armstrong ceiling products, some of the most popular include:



Armstrong Dune Supreme

An extremely popular, light sand texture suspended ceiling tile, with needle micro perforations. This ceiling tile provides good acoustic qualities and high performance in areas of high humidity. This tile is available in the full complement of sizes and edge details, including:

600 x 600mm square edge

600 x 600 Tegular Edge (24mm Grid)

600 x 600mm Microlook Edge (15mm Grid)

1200 x 600mm Square Edge

Armstrong Tatra

Very popular, low cost suspended ceiling tile with a classic directional fissured pattern. This product has good overall performance qualities and represents a good option balancing cost and performance. This tile is available in a range of sizes and edge details, including:

600 x 600mm Square Edge

600 x 600 Tegular Edge (24mm Grid)

1200 x 600mm Square Edge

Other popular Armstrong ceiling tiles include; Ultima, Fine Fissured and Cortega.

Identifying Armstrong Ceiling Products

Armstrong Ceilings are one of the few manufacturers that produce unique product codes for the vast majority of their product line. As well as the product name i.e 'Armstrong Dune Supreme', there is often a unique product code printed onto the back of each ceiling tile. The code will usually start with 'BP' followed by four digits.

For example the unique product code for:

Armstrong Dune Supreme 600 x 600mm Square Edge is BP 2271.

By comparison, the unique product code for:

Armstrong Dune Supreme 600 x 600mm Tegular Edge is BP 2273.

The Ceiling Tiles UK team have a comprehensive list of all current and discontinued product codes for Armstrong Ceiling products. If for any reason your product has been discontinued, we will suggest the nearest available match or the updated product code.

Armstrong Gridwork Suspension Systems

The most popular ceiling grid systems produced by Armstrong are the Prelude XL2 and TLX systems. Ceiling Tiles UK stock both of these systems and can also source other components if required. More information on our suspension systems.

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